Four Rules For Getting Top Dollar When Selling Your Home

1.  Start Preparing Your Home For Market Early On.  When getting your home ready to sell which means a great deal of decluttering and staging, start early so that you’re not still packing up odds and ends five minutes before the photographer arrives to take photos.

2.  Turn Your Home Into A House.  I know it may sound a bit counterintuitive, but the less “lived-in” and personalized your home looks the better.  Buyers are looking for a clean canvas on which to draw their new lives, so to speak.  They need to imagine themselves living in your home and be able to visualize where their furniture would go etc..and they can’t do that if they’re distracted by your personal belongings and clutter.

3.   Price and Market Your Home Strategically.  The right Realtor® will direct you to price your home properly and market your home effectively so that the right, qualified Buyer sees your home and purchases it.

4.  Timing Your Sale Is Strategic.  You’ll want to go to market when there is strong demand for your home.  Spring is typically the time of year when the highest prices are most likely achieved when Buyer demand is the strongest.


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